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    Default Suvreen to develop feelings for Yuvraj in Suvreen Guggal

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    Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) and her gang of friends which includes Yuvraj (Shivin Narang) have taken to an exciting road trip in Channel Vís Suvreen Guggal Ė Topper of the Year, produced by 4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures. The trip will in the coming episodes provide viewers with a mix of fun, masti, thrill, drama and of course a big twist!!

    Wondering what the twist is? Well, we get to hear that Suvreen will realize by the end of this trip that she has developed a liking for Yuvraj. However, she will be in a confused state and will not be able to term this as love for Yuvraj. But before this happens, the gang of six will have a jolly good time together. Also, there will be a situation wherein a gang of goons try to harass Suvreen and this will put her in a spot of bother. And Yuvraj will be there to fight for her. And a sequence between Yuvraj and Suvreen wherein they happen to spend a night together is also on the cards.

    The track related to the road trip will start from tonight, and will continue till next week.

    Will Suvreen realize that she is in love? Will Yuvraj also have the same feeling towards Suvreen?

    Only time will tellÖ



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