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    Default Suvreen to confess about her real identity to Alisha in Channel [V]'s Suvreen Guggal

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    The popular show on Channel [V]- Suvreen Guggal- Topper of The Year (4 Lions Films) has been seeing some major ups and downs in the life of the lead character, Suvreen (Smriti Kalra). And now with the show all ready to bid farewell, it will have some thundering drama as the parting note.

    As already seen, Alisha (Heli Haruwala) has been suspicious about Suvreen being the real Pepper, and she has been using the pseudo name to design clothes for other brands.

    And now in the turn of events Suvreen will confess to Alisha about her being the real Pepper. Alisha will be prying upon Suvreen to check if she could leave a trace of this double identity. A smart Suvreen although will manage to get saved, she will finally get caught on one occasion.

    A source says, “Even when she could have lied and got away, Suvreen will tell her the truth. She will further throw a challenge at her to inform the world about this secret.”

    Will Alisha be able to let this secret out? What will happen to Suvreen now?

    We called up Smriti but she asked us to call later.



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