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    Default I can relate myself to Rehan: Mohit Malik

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    We in conversation with Mohit Malik…

    Mohit Malik, who is currently seen playing Rehan Charles in Channel V's Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year, and last seen playing Abhimanyu in Star Plus' Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, talks about his professional and personal life with us….

    How did acting happen to you?

    I was doing some print ads in Delhi and along with this, I was also doing some plays and modelling in my college. I had never thought of doing all this on a big scale that too come to Mumbai and act. My picture got published in a magazine of Delhi and I got a call from Star. I came to Mumbai and I got my first show titled 'Kahaan Hoon Main', which didn't go on-air. I started doing something else then and after sometime, I got Milee and that's how my acting career begun.

    Was becoming an actor in your mind since your childhood?

    Not at all. Like every teenager, I also was confused regarding my career path. I used to play cricket on a very good level at Delhi. So, sometimes I used to think of becoming a cricketer. Hailing from a business background, I also thought of becoming a businessman and sometimes I used to think of becoming a fashion designer. But, this is how God showed me the way.

    Having done so many shows, which according to you, has proven to be a turning point for your career?

    I think its Miille because it had great popularity and also gained good TRP's. It has to be a turning point for my career since in the very beginning, I got this popular show. I then got Dulhan. I have also seen so many ups and downs in my career. I take my time to do a show. I don't like to work in continuity. After doing a show, I like to go on a break, travel and sometimes this gap becomes long. Pratigya also proved as a turning point for my career, as people loved me in the role and I got bashed from some people as well. I have always played roles of an urban man and people had never seen me doing that kind of a role. It was a challenge for me essaying that kind of role.

    Which among the characters played by you is related to you?

    Rehan Charles; the one which I am currently playing in Suvreen Guggal. Its just me. He's a Delhi guy.

    How was the experience being a part of Pratigya?

    It was wonderful. It was a very popular show and known for its good actors. It was a learning experience for me. Playing Anupam Shyam Ojha Ji's son and sharing screen space with him was a wonderful experience for me. He is a beautiful person and a brilliant actor. I have made lots of good friends on the sets and gained a lot of confidence while playing the character in that show.

    What was the reason to take up Suvreen Guggal?

    I have always wanted to do a realistic show and I am not acting in this show. I wanted to work with Channel V, which makes young and peppy shows and one doesn't need to give lots of close ups. There's a lot of scope in the character. Rehan has achieved a lot at a very young age and I am playing the character, who belongs to my age group. This character is very close to me who is witty at times. I have always wanted to play a character, which I enjoy playing. This show not only focuses on the personal side of a character but it focuses on his professional life as well. Another reason to take up the show is that I had a very intense role in Pratigya and here the intensity is very low, which makes me feel good. They were giving me a nice look and the last thing is money that they were giving me (laughs).

    How is your co-ordination on the sets of Suvreen Guggal?

    I am loving it. I have always wished to do a show in which a lot of fun can be had without high intensity. Work should be fun. The people on the sets are friendly. Smiriti Kalra is a very fine actress. I enjoy working with the people of my age. We work during our working hours have a lot of fun during our leisure time.

    Any moment you would like to share when you would have regretted being an actor?

    No, never. I have loved every single part of it. When you enter into the world of television, then you should understand that you have to work day and night then you won't have any regrets (laughs).

    How do you manage your professional and personal life?

    Earlier it was a little difficult for me to manage. I used to shoot for 24 to 36 hrs. But then I was a bachelor. Now I am married so I need to give time to my wife as well. She understands. I am trying to manage so that I can give time to my personal and professional life. Sometimes I start to discuss my scenes with Aditi and she stops me. So, its difficult for me to manage but I am trying to do so.

    Your wife Addite Shirwakar Malik is also an actress. Does that makes life simpler?

    Yes, I understand her profession and so does she. I am happy that she is also an actress. Life is going fine with us.

    You had phobia of swimming. You have recently gotten over it. How did that happen?

    I took a resolution this year to get over it. I learnt swimming to some extent and so over my phobia too .

    What kind of a person is Mohit Malik in his real life?

    I think you should ask this question to my wife Aditi. Main apne muh se apni taarif kaise karun? (laughs).

    Why you have shied away from the media always?

    I prefer to do something only if I am working and when I am not working, I remain underground and no one knows where's Mohit Malik (laughs). I don't like to attend parties.

    You have a restaurant in Delhi. How do you manage business and acting together?

    Yes, I have a restaurant in Delhi, which is managed by my brothers. I am happy with acting here. I am not involved in the business. I am also planning to start my own restaurant. We are looking for places and it will be in Mumbai. It's going to materialise very soon. When I am free I go to look for places and Aditi is free, she helps me too.

    You recently bought a new house. what's so unique about it?

    I can call this house as my dream house. I am never gonna leave it. This house gives a complete studio feel which I always wanted to experience. We have an open kitchen and hall which is open to the room. It has a complete wooden flooring with lots of greenery around. The location is superb. It's in Oshiwara. Aditi did all the interiors of the house. She can become an interior designer.

    Any role in your wish-list?

    Not any such. Whatever will come to me, I will do it. I just want to go with the flow.



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