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    Default Mohit Malik agrees that "most fashion designers are gay"

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    Mohit Malik is quite kicked about his big ticket fashion designer character, RC, in Channel V show Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the Year.

    “The best thing I like about RC is that he is very realistic. Unlike other GEC (General Entertainment Channel) properties where the characters are shown only at home here we showcase him both at his workshop and house. And his behavior is poles apart at both locations like any other ordinary person.”

    Mohit further defends his character’s arrogant ways. “You need to understand that many youngsters, who attain success at such an early age, do behave in such manner. He is quite a chilled out guy at heart. However he also needs to adorn a false mask lest the world takes advantage of him.”

    Mohit also accepts the public perception that most fashion designers are gay. “Their body language does appear that way but this happens for they spend too much time in the company of females. RC on the other hand is a hard core manly guy. At first when we were working out his body mannerisms we did debate about the same. But then changed our mind for these things will not be accepted by the Indian audience. And it’s not that all fashion designers are like that, look at Raghuvendra Rathore, he is a classy prince. Those who don’t know him would not guess that he is a designer.”

    Mohit, who was last seen in Pratigya, further says, “Doing a youth show is an emotional relief as well for you are not doing heavy duty drama 24*7. I am also just overawed by the sheer response I am eliciting from the target audience on social media. Suvreen Guggal was also highest rated on the channel before TAM suspended data collection in lieu of upcoming digitization.”

    Keep the fun alive…Mohit!!!



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