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    Default Mohit Malik finds a new abode

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    Mohit Malik, currently seen in Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal, has recently brought a new flat in Mumbai’s up market Oshiwara area (TV actors’ hub).

    “Before this we would live in my Goregaon (a small distance ahead from my new pad) flat that I had bought some years ago. However my better half (Aditi Shirwaikar) and I decided to shift to Oshiwara as it was closer to her parent’ place who now need her as they are getting old. Also being actors, Oshiwara is more strategically located to all studios production houses and channel headquarters.”

    Here Mohit proudly adds that he has bought a flat in the same apartment where he would live as a paying guest in a one room kitchen flat with three guys’ when he came to Mumbai to start his professional life six years ago.

    “It is not that I could not afford a flat then but my father and I felt that it was important that I see the other side of life as well.” Then what did you do with your older flat? “We have since sold it and used the funds (it was bigger in area) to buy this new flat and also make other investments.”

    He further adds, “For most actors who come from other cities, having your own apartment in Mumbai is a big thing. If you earn good, buying a flat is no big deal with a lot many finance options available. But you need to plan ahead as our industry is very fickle and projects shut shop at the drop of a hat. This is where Aditi has been very smart; she manages our budget very efficiently.”




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