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    Default 'Maha Twist' in the 'Maha Episode' of Suvreen Guggal!

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    Channel Vís Suvreen Guggal geared up for the mahaepisode which will bring about a twist in the tale.

    If you are an ardent fan of Rehan Charles (RC) and Suvreen in Channel V's popular show Suvreen Guggal Ė Topper of The Year, then the upcoming Mahaepisode of the show is going to bring something exciting for you.

    Our source says, "In the upcoming Mahaepisode of the show, Yuvraj (Shivin Narang) and Suvreen (Smiriti Kalra) will be celebrating their first anniversary. They plan to meet and celebrate but will it happen?" Our source further adds, "Situation will lead towards some more drama to unfold in the tracks, as an intimate scene is being shot showing RC (Mohit Malik) and Suvreen kissing each other."

    When contacted Mohit Malik aka RC, he said, "A very good triangle is going to come up in the Mahaepisode. I get so many mails and messages from the fans who want to see Rehan and Suvreen together. I am sure something interesting will come up for all of them in the upcoming tracks."

    What will be the situation which will lead towards the kiss between RC and Suvreen? What will be Suvreen's reaction over it? The upcoming episodes of Suvreen Guggal will unfold the answers hidden behind these questions.



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