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    Default "Working out every day is my fitness secret" - Mohit

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    Telly town actor Mohit Malik unveils his fitness mantra in conversation with us.

    Talented actor Mohit Malik who is currently seen playing the character of Rehan in Channel V's Suvreen Guggal -Topper of the year, talks about his fitness regime and inspires us to follow a healthy diet. We got in touch with him to know how his 'Stay fit' mantra.

    Let's see what Mohit has to share with us...

    What does fitness mean to you? What's your idea of fitness?
    Fitness for me is eating right and exercising regularly.

    Are you conscious about your food choices?
    Yes, of course I am. I try to avoid the intake of carbohydrates and in fact in the last four months I have been completely off carbs.

    Three things you do every day to remain fit.
    Eat on time - after every two hours as it keeps your BMR high

    Go for jogging in the morning.
    Sleeping early.

    What is your take on the size zero figure craze among the girls?
    I think its stupidity - I don't like girls who have a size zero figure. I like them little healthy - the way Kareena Kapoor is now.

    Is there any sport you are skilled at?
    Cricket - I have been playing it from childhood.

    A celeb body you admire?
    Akshay Kumar as he is fit as a fiddle and follows a great routine of waking up early. He doesn't smoke or drink. He has a great body for the age he is at.

    What is your fitness secret?
    Working out every day.

    A fitness tip for your fans
    Try to eat and sleep on time - it's very important for a healthy life!



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