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    Default Channel [V]'s Suvreen Guggal to offer a 'laugh-riot' in its Mega Monday episode

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    Channel [V]’s new block of Mega Mondays is a ‘hit’ when it comes to the entertainment value that’s been added. While it was the loyal viewers of Sunshine Productions’ The Buddy Project that enjoyed all the fun in the Mega Monday last week, it is time for the fans of Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year (4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures) to enjoy their share of interesting drama coming Monday.

    So what’s going to come in the Mega Monday to be aired on 8 July 2013? Well, a right mix of fun and drama is the answer.

    To begin with, it will be ‘One Big Rain-Hit Night’ to overcome for people working in Iris. Rehan Charles’ (Mohit Malik) jam-packed schedule goes for a toss when he and Ira (Simple Kaul) get caught in a messy rain. And at Iris, a posh client arrives, who simply cannot be fooled by anybody and everybody. This is when Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) and gang chalk out a plan which involves a role rehearsal of sorts, and pose to take the place of RC and Ira, that too in style. Any guesses on the outright result?

    Well, they manage to impress the client big time. A twist in the tale happens when RC and Ira land up at Iris just at the time when the clients have been impressed, being completely unaware of the whole scenario out there.

    Our source reveals that it will be one hell of an episode which will be a laugh riot for viewers!! Hang on folks…there is more drama in store…

    Alisha (Heli Daruwala) who has been waiting to unveil the big secret about RC will finally get an opportunity to do it. For the uninitiated, Alisha has bumped into RC’s diary which holds a pivotal truth. And Alisha, not only blurts it out to Ira, but also to someone else which will come as a complete shocker to the audience.

    When contacted, Mohit Malik aka the handsome Rehan Charles told us, “Well, we have heard that it is going to be a fun episode. Also, the secret that Alisha has got to know about RC will come out in the open. You need to wait and watch to know more on this.”

    Well, get ready friends for this entertaining episode of Suvreen Guggal!!!



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