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    Default Sheena Bajaj to enter Humse Hai Liife

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    Sheena Bajaj who played the protagonist in Disney channelís Best of Luck Nikki will soon enter Channel Vís popular show Humse Hai Liife, produced by 4 Lions Films. She comes in as the Principalís daughter who is very likeable, attractive and wild. Aaliya, the character she plays will be the parallel lead paired opposite Arjun (Yuvraj Thakur). She will prove as a catalyst to all the existing characters, and will also help to get Sia (Abigail Jain) out of depression.

    With the entry of Sheena Bajaj, the fun element in the show will be back.

    When contacted, Sheena confirmed the news to us, ďYes, I am entering Humse Hai Liife very soon.Ē

    Sheenaís entry is slated to air next week.



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