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    Default Raghav and Sia's spectacular date in Humse Hai Life

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    Viewers have been taken in by surprise with the recent report of Himansh Kohli aka Raghav opting out of Channel Vís Humse Hai Life. While there is time for that major twist to happen in the Four Lionsí show, audience can as of now feel happy about the upcoming date that Raghav and Sia (Abigail Jain) have planned.

    In the coming episodes, Sia will have a makeover. Her friends will dress her up for the D-day in a dazzling western outfit. Raghav and Siaís love story will begin from here, and their love for each other will get intense. They both will plan to go on a date and preparations for the same will be huge.

    On the D-day, Raghav and Sia will exchange a series of messages and they will reach the venue by taking clues from each otherís messages. Raghav will plan something big for Sia on the date.

    We hear that he will propose to her in a very unique way.

    When contacted, Abigail told us, ďRaghav and Siaís love story has been going along for some time now. I donít know what is planned ahead.Ē

    As for Himansh Kohliís exit, the news is that the creative team is presently working on the story. The buzz is that he will apparently be gone, and might make a comeback sometime later.

    So donít miss Raghavís spectacular date for Sia.



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