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    Default Kristen Stewart is my dream date: Yuvraj Thakur

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    Yuvraj Thakur better known as Arjun of Humse Hai Liife on Channel V is one man who believes in speaking his heart out. We decided to chat with him and file an interview, Excerpts:

    I am: Passionate, full of life and very ambitious.

    Life is: A beautiful journey and everybody must enjoy it and not sulk over it.

    Love is: A feeling that makes you happy and keeps you strong.

    Marriage is: A tag from the people for the people who are madly in love with each other.

    Your first crush: I was in eighth standard and I had a huge crush on my elder sister’s best friend.

    Your dream date: Kristen Stewart.

    Your best childhood memory: I was in second standard and my parents had taught me to wish the same to people who’d greet me. Say if someone says, good morning... I should reply good morning to you too. Hence on my birthday I went around telling everyone wish you the same when they wished me happy birthday (laughs).

    On your last birthday: I was shooting.

    Your long-lasting friend: There are a few friends in Delhi one of them is Anni. Anni has been my friend since first standard. Then there is Parth whom I met in Mumbai and we have been friends since I was in ninth standard.

    Do you make friends easily: Not at all.

    Music you like: It completely depends on my mood. If I am at the gym I’d like hard beats. But if I am simply lazying around I’d like soft songs.

    One thing you want to change about yourself: I do not want to change anything.

    Favourite TV show: Humse Hai Liife.

    Favourite Bollywood actor: Irrfan Khan

    Favourite Bollywood actress: Kareena Kapoor

    Favourite Hollywood actor: Christian Bell.

    Favourite Hollywood actress: Meryl Streep.

    Favourite cartoon character: SWAT Kats.

    Last movie you watched: Cape Fear.

    Last time you boarded a local train: I think last to last year.

    Last time you were stalked: Last week I was at Infinity Mall when a group of girls followed me from there to Lokhandwala.

    Last time you cried on screen: Two months ago.

    Last time you cooked: One week ago.

    Advice to youngsters: Just stay fit… mentally and physically.



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