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    Default Idea of good health is to sleep and wake up on time: Varun Kapoor

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    Varun Kapoor who was recently seen as Kabir in Humse Hai Liife on Channel [V] is the one who is both fit and good looking. Well, the lad loves to eat food made in desi ghee and then hits the gym to shed the extra kilos.

    Personal fitness mantra: I have heard that if a person can hold his/her breathe for 60 seconds than he is considered to be fit enough. I am trying to achieve it.

    Personal diet mantra: Have pure vegetarian food, no alcohol and simple home food with desi ghee because people have a misconception that having ghee makes one fat but pure ghee is never fatty in consumption but healthy for body.

    Exercise routine: I go to gym everyday and do workout which is appropriate for my body type and even get involved in some sports to make my mind healthy.

    Is food the elixir of life? Not that important but part of life.

    Are you a foodie? Food, which gives me energy, is enough for me.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Pure vegetarian.

    Favourite cuisine: Indian and Punjabi.

    Favourite dish: Mutter Paneer.

    Favourite restaurant: ĎAromas of Chinaí in Andheri, Mumbai.

    A must on my breakfast table: Water with honey and milk. Thatís it
    for giving me a start.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: Coffee with sugar.

    Lunch generally consists of: Paneer, dal, rice and chappati like every normal lunch should have.

    Dinner generally consists of: My dinner is very light like milk or
    salad, thatís it.

    Dessert delights: Chocolate ice-cream.

    One thing I can't resist: Chocolates.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic): Virgin Mary.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic): I donít have alcohol.

    At parties I have: Fresh juice.

    Most unusual dish I've tasted: Not yet tasted anything.

    Experiment with food: I love only what I can eat.

    On the streets, I love to have: Nariyal Pani.

    Do you cook? Tried once, it was very bad.

    Fitness tip: Wake up on time and sleep on time. Try to lose some
    sweat in morning by some means because it makes oneís body healthy.



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