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    Default I don't follow any trend and I like to keep it simple and comfortable- Abigail Jain

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    Stunning and sweet Abigail Jain, who has gained fame as Sia in Channel Vís Humse Hai Liife, likes to keep in simple when it comes to fashion. Letís read about her fashion ideas here.

    Fashion is: I donít follow any trend. I like to keep it simple and comfortable.

    Who chooses your clothes? Mostly I choose my clothes or my sister.

    Do you wear accessories? I donít like to wear accessories, not even a watch.

    Do you follow any brands? Not really, as I said fashion for me is comfort and that is what matters.

    Favourite shopping destination: It should be Infiniti 2 shopping mall in Mumbai.

    Most expensive buy: I bought a Burberry shades worth rupees 15k.

    Clothes you are comfortable in: Low waist jeans and T-shirts.

    Favorite designer: None.

    Must-have in your wallet: Money and most importantly a
    perfume, without it I donít step out of my house.

    Favourite perfume: olce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume.

    Colour that fills your wardrobe: Black.

    Describe ďSaleĒ in one word: Well, I am an anti-shopping kind of a person. I hate shoppingÖ so for me be it sale or whatsoeverÖ it doesnít matter to me.

    Currently your wardrobe is over-flowing with: Harem pants
    (which are loose from top and tight from bottom)

    You have hardest time getting dressed for: Apart from shoot, I usually donít take time to dress up. I donít even like to put on makeup.

    Any fashion disaster you have come across recently: I hate it when girls wear cheetah print tops and pants at the same time. It really puts me off.

    If you had to choose a fashion era, which period will it be: It should be the current one because I canít imagine myself wearing those high waist jeans and glittery clothes.



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