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    Default 'I am totally Unpredictable': Abigail Jain.

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    We in talks with the bubbly Abigail Jain...

    We in talks with the bubbly and cute Abigail Jain a.k.a Sia Dhillon of 'Humse Hai Life' who was very honest and quick with her answers takes the quick grill..

    Which is your favorite kind of music?
    I like all types of music, but I love Bollywood music the most.

    Which is your favorite band?
    In Hndii: Euphoria and English: Westlife.

    Are you an emotional person?
    Yes, I am a very emotional person.

    Are you a good dancer?
    No I am not a good dancer but I love dancing.

    An exotic location you would like to retire?
    Mauritius- I love beaches.

    What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?
    Probably I would kill myself as I can't stay without talking to people (laughs)

    3things before you die?
    1)World Tour. 2)Scuba diving. 3)Meet Salman Khan.

    The social networking site where people can find you?
    Facebook, Twitter.

    Love to you is?
    Love is trust and respect.

    Where do you see yourself 20 years after?
    Most probably Married(laughs)

    If not an actor then you would be?
    Definitely a journalist!

    Abigail in one sentence?
    Totally unpredictable.



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