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    Default Abigail and I are good friends: Varun "Humse Hai Liife" Kapoor

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    Varun Kapoor is presently enjoying his stint as the male lead in Channel Vs Humse Hai Liife, produced by 4 Lions Films. The character of Kabir who initially entered as an aggressive young guy has transformed into a mature character now.

    Talking about the transformation, Varun states, Yes, Kabir started out aggressively and has always been harsh in his talks. But with time, he has gotten mature and understands the feelings of people around him now.

    Ask him whether he is similar to Kabir in any way in real life and he says, I might be like Kabir in his looks, but never in his talk. Though Kabir is a changed guy now, he cannot completely change.

    On the feedback he has got for his youth oriented role, Varun tells us, It has been fantastic. The audience of Humse Hai Liife is not the housewives; the younger lot is smarter and knows what they exactly want to see. When I entered Na Aana Iss Des Laado, the show was already a benchmark and was at prime time on Colors. So after Laado, when I was looking for my next role I wanted to be very choosy. However, when this role of Kabir came to me, I wanted to take it up as I realized that if I have to do a youth oriented role, it has to be now. I might not get this role two years later. Playing a school boy is something special.

    On his off screen rapport with his co-actors in the show, Varun avers, We have fun on the sets whenever we are not shooting. Obviously, when we are shooting non-stop for 12-13 hours, we need to have some lighter moments on the sets.

    With the love track of Sia and Kabir to gain focus in Humse Hai Liife, we asked him on his rapport with lead girl Abigail Jain and he tells us, Abigail and I are good friends. Without knowing each other, it is tough to exhibit good chemistry on screen. So it is really important that you know your co-star well.

    Varun, we wish you all the very best for the future.



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