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    Default Heroes - The Fight Back Files to premiere on Channel [V] from 23 February

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    Sexual harassment is a wide spread evil and the youth more than anyone else fall prey to this. Yet most of them feel too ashamed, too scared to speak up about and against sexual harassment. In order to give such youth a voice, to give them strength and courage and the support to stand up and call out their victimizers, Channel [V] will come up with a thought-provoking show 'Heroes - The Fight Back Files'.

    Heroes The Fight Back Files, which launches on 23 February at 7 PM is much more than a new show. Its actually an ode to women who stood up against sexual harassment; its a call to action to many more such women who are victims of this evil, but out of fear and social pressure, stay mute.

    A source tells us that Channel [V] has worked hard to track such real life stories of women who have fought back against sexual harassment and are using this show to tell their stories. The identities of these women will be protected, but there will be dramatic recreations of what happened to them and hoe they managed to stage a fight back. Through this show, we want our audience to feel that they are not alone, that this kind of harassment is prevalent everywhere but it can and should be dealt with.

    The reason for calling the show Heroes is because of the hope, courage and strength these women have shown by not letting things pass. These women aren't victims at all but heroes, idols - people we all can look up to and learn from.

    Talking about the new launch, Lavanya Anand, Content Head, Channel [V] told us, Our first story takes place in a very familiar setting of a family wedding where the perpetrator is none other than the girl's own uncle. This is the story of how our heroine not just fought back against him but also managed to expose him to the rest of the family. We are very excited to place this show on Sunday at 7PM on Channel V, where it would be taking the time slot of Gumrah. Just like Gumrah we are hoping Heroes would have a special place in the heart of our audience and more importantly inspire and give them strength, hope and courage.

    Get ready for this interesting watch on Channel [V].



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