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    Default It's "dangerous ishq" time on Channel V's Gumraah

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    Every week We brings you exclusive dope on Channel Vís youth based show Gumraah- End of Innocence (Lost Boy Productions and Balaji Telefilms). The show is being anchored by sexy and charming Karan Kundra who adds value and makes the series more appealing with his own unique style of narrating.

    Now, the upcoming episode (13 May, 2012) is titled Lovers Can Kill. As per the plot, an immature couple in love will kill their respective parents for the fear of getting separated.

    For the sequence, popular names like Rushad Rana (last seen in Rang Badalti Odhani) Laveena Tandon (Papad Pol fame), Ravi Bhatia (Veer Shivaji fame) have joined hands with the makers.

    Rushad Rana confirmed being a part of the episode. On the other hand, Laveen Tondon remained unavailable and Ravi Bhatia chose not to comment anything.

    Well, all we can sayÖlove can be dangerous at timesÖitís called dangerous ishq!!!



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