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    Default It’s ‘confusion galore’ in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq

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    Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins) on Channel [V] impresses one and all with its right blend of youth, romance and perplexities related to the tender age.

    As shown, childhood love is blossoming between Ayaan (Vishal Vashishtha) and Anushka (Heena Habib), but with Ayaan already engaged to Miral, viewers are set to wonder how this love triangle will proceed from now.

    On the other hand Ishaan (Harsh Rajput) made a grand entry in the last episode with his sexy moves on ‘Bacchna Ae Haseeno’, thus having a dance face off with Anushka. He is surely smitten by her beauty, which is evident with the way he flirts with her. Aah, surely looks to be a love at first sight for Ishaan.
    So what’s in store in the episodes to come? Quite a lot of drama as we give our readers a preview to the happenings.

    Well, for the starters Ayaan will finally muster courage to tell Miral that he is not ready for the marriage, and will go on to call off their engagement. Miral who is heartbroken will blame Anushka for all the commotion in her life. This will upset Ayaan and Ishaan, who try their best to cheer the upset Anushka in the coming episodes.

    Says a source, “Real drama will unfold once the engagement is called off. Ayaan who pines to win over Anushka will be in for a shock when he gets to know that his brother is also attracted to Anushka. This will trigger a sibling rivalry between them.”

    The entry of Shanaaya (Aneri Vijaani) is also slated to happen, which will add on to the drama and entertainment on the show.

    We could not get through to the actors as they were busy shooting. When we called Producer Sunjoy Wadhwa, he asked us to call later.

    Keep reading this space, as we promise to get back with more interesting news on the show.

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    i saw some early episode
    after i quit
    i think i start again..
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