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    Default The complications of love and friendship dealt in Crazy Stupid Ishq are quite real: Vishal Vashishth

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    The extremely good looking Vishal Vashishtha, who stepped into the TV industry as the lead of Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins) on Channel [V], is enjoying his stint as an actor even though he never really planned to become one.

    Talking about his show, the young lad says, “I am enjoying every bit of playing Ayaan. The character, that had varied shades in the past weeks, has seen a positive change as far as my performance level is concerned. It’s a challenge as an actor to play a role that is completely opposite to his/her nature and I am really having fun.”

    With so many youth shows on air, how does his serial stand apart? “Well, the four characters on the show are completely different from each other and that gives it a good punch. Every character is etched out beautifully and it is a modern tale of today’s youngsters. The complications of love and friendship dealt in the show are quite real and thus the audience relates to it,” Vishal informs.

    The atmosphere on the sets is quite an amazing one with the youngsters gelling well, says Vishal. But isn’t there any smoke of competition? “Personally, everyone wants to do their best and at the end, we are all working for the show. And since this is my first project everyone is kind of senior to me, even Harsh (Rajput), who plays the parallel lead.”

    Wanting to pursue Biotechnology, the handsome lad took up science but then left midway to finally get into acting. “I came to Mumbai for a three-month acting course and then left for my home in Kolkata. This is when I auditioned for the role and luckily grabbed it.”

    Like every actor, Vishal too harbours the dream of making it big in the glitzy world of Bollywood. “Before I take a leap, I want to learn the several aspects of acting and get better. TV also provides recognition and that also plays a part in the kind of work you will do in the future. What’s the use of doing a film, failing to get attention and then return as a loser?” he observes.

    Unlike others of his age, Vishal likes to sit at home and relax rather that partying hard. And when asked whether he has any close childhood friend in real life too, he maintains, “Yes, I do have a friend and we keep on laughing that we should take some tips from Ayaan and Anushka (laughs).”

    Great going Vishal…sky’s the limit…go for it!!!



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