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    Default Channel [V] introduces ‘a pure love story’ with Crazy Stupid Ishq

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    Channel [V] launches a brand new show Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins) from today (27 May 2013).

    So what is it that viewers can expect from the show?

    Answering the query is Lavanya Anand, Content Head, Channel [V], “Our insights showed us that the youth holds more importance to friendships than even romantic love. Taking that thought ahead, we came up with an idea that asks the question - what happens when you fall in love with your best friend? And that was the genesis of Crazy Stupid Ishq. It's a roller coaster ride of friends realizing they have fallen for each other but of course, fate has other plans.”

    On the idea behind bringing this new concept, she elaborates, “Considering we are a youth channel, we have never actually had an out and out love story. Sure all our shows have romantic tracks, but we felt that the time was right for us to take that leap and commit to telling a pure love story. Crazy Stupid Ishq is that. It is fun, light hearted, emotional show where no one or nothing is really wrong or right when it comes to the matters of the heart.”

    Talking about the leads in the show, she describes, “Anushka is a bubbly, pampered child like girl who comes from Sonipath. She has one aim only and that is to become a star. She truly believes that she will shine; it’s just a matter of finding the right platform. Her journey brings her to Bombay where she reunites with her childhood best friend Ayaan. In the course of the story she will crash, fall and falter in finding her dreams and her shot at true love but in the end like any princess in a fairy tale she gets her happy ending.

    Ayaan is a boy who has had to grow up too fast. He is the eldest of two sons and after his father's death and bankruptcy it falls on his shoulders to look after his family. A job he takes a little too seriously, that is until Anushka crash lands into his life. In the course of the story he realizes that you can follow your dreams and have fun by both living and falling in love.
    Ishaan is Ayaan's younger brother who is a bit of a rogue and is always on the look out to make a quick buck. He's the charmer and the flirt who manages to charm his way into Anishka's heart. In course of the story he will realise that as much as you may not want to believe in love, it hits you when you least expect it.

    Shanayaa has everything going for her. She is rich, good looking, has a great singing voice and has a super star for a father and yet she is lonely. The only way she knows to protect herself is by being a rebel. In the course of the story she realizes that you may put up as many barriers between other people and your heart but when love comes knocking no barrier is strong enough.”

    Also, Channel [V] is shuffling few slots. With Best Friends Forever coming to an end, Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year will now occupy the 5.30 PM slot while the new show Crazy Stupid Ishq will take the original slot of Suvreen, that is the 6.30 PM slot.

    Let’s look forward to Crazy Stupid Ishq on Channel [V]..



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