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    Default Channel [V]’s Crazy Stupid Ishq headed for some dramatic twists

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    Romance is brewing in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins), but there is also an element of “cross connection” between the lovers.

    Watchers of the show will certainly fathom what are we getting at, and for the others, continue reading the article to get a clearer picture.

    As Ayaan (Vishal Vashishtha) recuperates from the accident he met with recently, he is surrounded by two beauties who are aptly and lovingly taking care of him.

    Soon the friendship and love will see some real confusion when Anushka (Heeba Nawab), who has been claiming that she and Ayaan are just friends, will actually get attracted to him. And the cause of this sudden realization will be her new competition, Shanaaya (Aneri Vajani) who has been drawing Ayaan’s attention.

    Says a source, “Shanaaya, who is in awe of Ayaan, will be seen taking utmost care of him after he met with the unfortunate accident. Seeing this, Anushka will feel jealous but since she had earlier rejected Ayaan’s love proposal, will keep her feelings to herself.”

    With problems surfacing at work, Ayaan will find solace in Shanaaya, who will go out of her way to help him. This will bring them closer and it may also start a new chapter of romance in the show.

    Also Ishaan (Harsh Rajput) will be back playing his smart tricks on Anushka. After duping her of a lot of money, he will try to get closer to her once again. Will Anushka ever realise his ulterior motives?

    Looks like viewers will be treated with a lot of twists and drama in the coming episodes.

    We tried contacting Heeba, but she told us to call later.

    Keep reading this space for more such updates.



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