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    Default "Vinnie's character quite intrigued me" - Shritama Mukherjee

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    Shritama Mukherjee who made her television debut in Sony TV's Dekha Ek Khwaab as Rajkumari Jainandini is now essaying the role of Vinnie in Best Friends Forever? on Channel V.

    This show is titled Best Friends Forever, which is actually spelled out as Best Friends Forever? There seems to be an irony in the title….

    This is a story of four friends- three girls and a guy. There is a back story to it too which will be revealed later on the show. Once the back story is revealed you will understand the significance of the title.

    What attracted you to the role?
    I wanted to play a youthful character. Vinnie's character quite intrigued me. There is a mystery element to the character.

    What do you like about Vinnie?
    I like the fact that she tackles complicated situations calmly. She can appease her friends when they get hyper.

    What do you dislike about Vinnie?
    I quite like Vinnie, however she doesn't listen to her mom. Actually she doesn't like her brother being pampered and gets a bit insecure. There is however a back story as to why Vinnie behaves this way.

    Prem Kamath, Executive Vice President and GM of Channel V told me that TV heroines are generally perfect and good. A USP of your show is that the female leads are not perfect but like normal everyday people. Please comment.
    I completely agree. In real life people aren't completely positive or negative but have grey shades. Young people are exactly like what has been portrayed on the show.

    Your show is a thriller. Fiction shows in the thriller format are coming up on Indian TV nowadays. Please comment.
    This is indeed a favourable trend. After all there are too many saas-bahu crying dramas on TV. Our show has a thriller, a mystery angle and also shows college life without it being yet another clichd college drama.

    What kind of roles would you never do?
    I would love to play varied characters. However I won't be too keen to play a role in which the female lead goes on crying till the end of the show and the negative characters keep on harassing her. Also I want to play characters who will have a character graph instead of remaining stagnant.



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