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    Default Surat is my favourite shopping destination: Fenil Umrigar

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    Fenil Umrigar, well known as Sanjana Roy in Best Friends Forever on Channel [V] is considered to be a stylish girl with her flowing charm and elegance. The lady knows how to carry herself and keeps a constant check on her fashion.

    In a chat with us, Fenil opens up her fashion fundas.

    Fashion is: Comfort and carrying myself with elegance and style.

    Who chooses your clothes? My mother.

    Do you wear accessories? I love wearing anklets.

    Do you follow any brand? Nothing in particular, but I love wearing Denim jeans.

    Your favourite shopping destinations: My home town Surat, Gujarat.

    Most expensive buy: A pair of shoes.

    Clothes you are comfortable in: Jeans, T-shirts and colourful pencil pants.

    Must-have in your wallet: Some cash, photos of mom and dad and of course, my house keys.

    Favourite perfume: Yardley.

    Colour that fills your wardrobe: Blue, pink and black.

    Describe sale in one word: Cheap.

    Currently, your wardrobe is overflowing with: Western dresses, shrugs and pants.

    You have the hardest time getting dressed for: Such a situation is yet to knock me.

    Any fashion disaster that you have come across recently: Everyone who pretends to look good is a fashion disaster.

    If you had to choose a fashion era; which period would it be? The era of the 60ís and 80ís that saw fluffy clothes and elegant hairstyle.



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