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    Default Script change in Channel V's Best Friends Forever

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    Channel V's Best Friends Forever (BFF) is up for a sequential change.

    The story was mainly focusing on the college-going youth following their dreams.

    The cast consists of fun loving youngsters.

    The three female leads of the show namely Shritama Mukherjee (Vinita Maheshwari), Fenil Umrigar (Sanjana Roy), Charlie Chauhan (Ela) are ably supported by the male cast that includes Yuvraj Thakur (Varun) and Shravan Mehta (RGV).

    Now, we have got news to break.

    Our reliable source informs us that the show has gone in for a script change. From now on, it will focus more on mysteries and suspense rather than on college friendship like earlier. Moreover, the lead Varun will be shown playing a prank on all college students. Following this, the story will unfold.

    When we contacted Shravan Mehta, he confirmed the news saying “We have no clue as to what we are shooting as there are many different tracks opening up.”



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