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    Default 'People have addressed me as Mr.Charlie Chauhan'- Charlie Chauhan

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    The gorgeous Charlie Chauhan plays Ela on Channel Vs new show Best Friends For***? We in close conversation with her..

    Many viewers think that Best Friends For****? is based on the Pretty Little Liars. What do you say to that?
    I really can't comment on this as I haven't followed Pretty Little Liars.

    Ela, the character you essay seems to be not-so-nice and haughty as of now.
    Ela is a grey character. She is neither negative nor positive but something in between.

    How did you get into the skin of the character of Ela?
    I simply can't relate to Ela as her personality is very different from that of mine. She is bold and flirtatious. The director helped me to get into the skin of the character. I am also working hard on the role.

    What do you like about Ela?
    I like the fact that Ela's friends Sanjana and Vinnie are very important to her. Also she is a bindass girl who doesn't really care about what others think of her.

    She has a gorgeous body. Of course you enact Ela, how do you maintain such an awesome figure?
    Very honestly I don't do anything to maintain a good figure. I neither work out at the gym nor follow any diet.

    How are your fans responding to your performance in this show?
    My friends are loving my performance on the show. As I am just not like Ela in real life they are taken aback on seeing me enact a character like her so convincingly.

    Thrillers in fiction format are catching up on Indian television. Please comment.
    Saas-bahu soaps are cluttering Indian television. Thriller fiction shows are a lovely deviation. Yes there are thrillers on TV but Best Friends For****? is a youth thriller. Also for the Indian youth there are many love stories but not a thriller.

    Charlie is also a boy's name. Have people mistakenly thought you to be a boy?
    This has happened so many times. In fact people have addressed me as Mr.Charlie Chauhan. I often have to show my ID proof to prove that I am a girl. Initially I would get embarrassed but nowadays I have a good laugh over it.

    Are you in a relationship with Kunwar Amarjeet Singh?
    Well.that's a very personal question so I'd rather not comment on that.



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