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    Default "I don't even mind playing a ghost" : Fenil Umrigar

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    Fenil Umrigar plays Sanjana on Best Friends For****? on Channel V. Sanjana seems to be the most likeable
    of the three girl friends on the show till now…

    Some viewers think that Best Friends For****? is based on the Pretty Little Liars. What do you say to that?
    Our show isn't really based on Pretty Little Liars. That show like our show also had four friends who were sharing secrets. However apart from that there aren't really similarities.
    Sanjana, the character you essay seems to be the nicest of the three girls till now. Please comment.
    Sanjana is very focused on what she does. She is straightforward, outspoken, sweet, smart and intelligent. She can go out of her way for friends and is very polite with her dad. Sanjana is one percent of a tomboy as she at times talks like one.

    Sanjana was shown solving a crossword. I feel this has a greater symbolic meaning…
    Sanjana loves solving puzzles, in fact she solves them almost every day. There is a back story to that which will be revealed later on show.

    Is there anything you dislike about Sanjana?
    Sanjana who is too outspoken, sometimes doesn't think before she speaks. Otherwise I quite like her.

    Thrillers in the fiction format are gaining popularity on Indian TV. Please comment.
    Thrillers are gaining popularity on TV. However our show is a romantic thriller for the youth.

    What kind of roles would you never do?
    I am just twenty years old so I don't wish to do a role of an aged woman. Otherwise I'd like to play any character whether positive or negative. I don't even mind playing a ghost.



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